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Rethabile Albert Mokone

Cell: 072 9825402 / 063 846 7085



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Rethabile Albert Mokone was born on 26/10/1972 in Katlehong, Natal Spruit now part of the North West Province. Rethabile started his primary education at Akanyang and proceeded with his Secondary Education at Akanyang where he left school at standard 7.  During the late 1980s he started selling clothes and unfortunately the business collapsed due to financial challenges in 1999. And as time went by he started to search for a job and got lucky in 2007. He got a job at Shaft Sinker in 2007 and worked as a M.P.V Operator for a period of 4 years (2007-2011), he was then elected for a Treasurer position at AMCU Branch level. He also worked at Lonmin Minng, Mr Mokone acquired experience in the following: MPV Operator; Face Rig Operator; Excess Rig operator.  He was again elected for the position of Education Desk Branch Level and was a Chairperson at AMCU Shaft Level.  In 2014 I joined COPE (Congress of the people) and was elected as a PR Councillor for the political party in 2016. During the same year I started my own business which deals with embroidery and copies, to date I’m still running my own business whilst serving my Community as a PR Councillor