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Speaker, one wonders where and how the ANC cook up these Joseph Goebbels-like cynical, dishonest and propagandist subjects for discussion.
The truth is that it is the governing party that sabotaged and destroyed our economic prospects – and continues to do so.

Worse, Speaker, it is the governing party that has abused the moral and legitimate need for economic transformation, to enrich its own elite (over and over again) – at the expense of the people.

This topic, introduced by the ANC is simply disingenuous, insincere and downright deceitful.

The entire State Capture project was, Speaker, premised on the supposed political desire to advance economic transformation.

It turned out to represent our greatest betrayal.

It has sabotaged and irrevocably damaged our transformational and developmental project.

More and more South Africans are, Speaker, coming to the stark realization that the current ruling party has neither the capacity nor the will to create conditions for development, transformation and inclusive economic growth.
Decisive leadership and brave choices must be made.

But the governing party is so compromised, factionalized and split – caught in its own web of sleaze, perversion and corrupt interests – that it is paralyzed.

The President says one thing and the next day Luthuli House contradicts it.

The President calls for reform and the ANC’s alliance partners howl blue murder. The ANC can’t even keep the lights on.

Speaker, apart from various significant structural reforms required to boost our economic prospects, we stand:
• Zero chance of attracting FDI;
• Of encouraging development, inclusive growth and large-scale job creation;
• Or meeting the challenges and opportunities of Fourth Industrial Revolution if
government can’t even keep the lights on.

The governing party betrayed the trust placed in it; it sabotaged our prospects for a transformed and prosperous society.

South Africa needs a new centre – a fresh start. COPE is part of this solution.

The Congress of the People calls on all patriotic South Africans to work together to SAVE SOUTH AFRICA.

Delivered by: Willy Madisha
Deputy President of The Congress of The People (COPE)

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