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Monday to Friday

Second National Conference 2019

It is my singular honour and pleasure to hereby, on behalf of the Congress National Committee, and in terms of the COPE constitution as amended by the second Extra- Ordinary Congress of December 2017 to Issue Notice to Convene the Second National Congress of the Congress of the People as follows:

Date: 18 – 19 January 2019

Registration: 08H00 – 11H00

Starting Time: 13H00

Venue: The Bon Hotel, Bloemfontein


The following Agenda Items shall be considered –

  1. Consider and adopt the Report on the outcome of the direct election of the National Leadership and announce the directly elected Leadership team of the Party;
  2. Consider and adopt the Political Report of the Party;
  3. Consider and adopt the State of the Party Report;
  4. Consider and adopt the Financial Report the Party;
  5. Consider and adopt the vision of the Party as led by the elected President and Leader of the Party;
  6. Adopt Policies of the Party;
  7. Confirm any review or refining of the ideological character, vision, mission, or the core values or policies of the Party and any amendments to the Constitution;
  8. Consider and approve the framework for the 2019 Election Manifesto of the Party;
  9. Consider and approve the Elections Strategy of the Party;
  10. Further details on the Congress will be communicated to you soon.

Comradely Yours




Download the Conference programme

Download the voting instructions