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COPE A to Z – REVISED DICTIONARY TO FOLLOW SOON. This dictionary / encyclopaedia approach for presenting party policies is unique.


It allows for a quick and transparent way of locating the exact information a voter seeks. It is also very useful to enable a quick computer search.

We have to make and refine ad infinitum to keep pace with the dynamics of a changing world. COPE’s presentation is unique and unmatched. As we interact with voters in our country this document, which is unending work in progress, will see new insertions, amplification, and revisions.

This means that ordinary people will for the first time have the capability of influencing policy change. COPE knows that very few people, if any, will read through pages of policy documents.

People want clear and crisp answers about those questions that are uppermost in their minds. With our approach the voter will turn to the easy to find entry and engage with our campaign leaders. The experience they have in the field will be fed to our policy making conferences and will help to shape our policy making.

COPE trusts that this highly innovative method will serve a very useful purpose and encourage voters to understand our policies and engage with us.

A to Z document coming soon

The COPE Ato Z document will be available soon.