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Once more, the citizens of South Africa will be blind folded on the 8th of May. The ANC is using the face of Cyril Ramaphosa as its President candidate in an effort to attract maximum votes, the ANC believes that Ramaphosa is the only so-called credible leader in the ANC

History will repeat itself after the elections. Millions of people voted for former President Thabo Mbeki in the 2004 General elections, and in 2008 he was undemocratically removed by the ANC National Executive Committee without consulting the voters – citizens who voted for him.

Congress of the People is reliabily informed that the Zuma/Magashule faction is planning to call a special National General Council immediately after the elections to remove Ramaphosa as the ANC president and as State President; and that after removing Ramaphosa, they will then deal with the Zondo Commission which is a very serious threat to the corrupt faction, the same way they have dealt with the Scorpions.

It is very clear that Cyril Ramaphosa is a lame duck president, and he is aware that his authority is being undermined by the Zuma/Magashule faction which is why he must forever look over his shoulder. The true President of the ANC is Ace Magashule.

If the citizens of SA will again vote for the ANC, give them the mandate to govern this country, then we are heading for a serious disaster.

COPE calls upon the citizens of South Africa to think very carefully when they go into the voting booths on the 8th of May.

The citizens of SA must know that it is only themselves who can save this country from a potential disaster.

COPE has adopted a system of Direct Democracy which enables you to directly elect and recall leadership, including the President. This is a policy which we have introduced to National Parliament as an Amendment to the Electoral Act. If adopted, you, the citizens of South Africa will hold the power.

Issued by
Dennis Bloem | National Secretary of Communications
(082) 451-5718


The Congress of the People (COPE)


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