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The African National Congress ( ANC) and the Democratic Alliance ( DA) must stop shifting blame when they have to assist the people of Alexandra. They must stop playing games by the suffering of the residents of Alexandra Township, residents are crying out for help.

It’s a disgrace that after 25 years of SA Democracy, under the ANC government, people still live in conditions that are not even suitable for animals.

When the ANC took over power in 1994, its slogan was “A better life for all”, 25 years later, the lives of the people of Alexandra have changed from better to worse.

Congress of the People (COPE) is planning to meet with the Alexandra community leadership. We are ready to listen to them and assist where we can. We must not use the situation as a political football but rather come up with solutions to the lack of service delivery in the area.

COPE calls upon the leaders and organisers of the shut-down to suspend further action and allow the situation to return to calmness so that children can return to schools and life to normality

Residents of Alexandra must know that nobody can change their lives, but they themselves have the power to change their own lives. They will have a chance to change their lives for the better on the 8th of May by going to the voting station and vote out the political parties in power.

They must vote for a political party that will put their interests first.

Issued by: Secretary of Communications | GP Premier Candidate | Dennis Bloem
(082) 451-5718

The Congress of the People (COPE)


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