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Congress of the People (COPE) is dismayed by the DA’s use of the National Party tactics of “Swaart gevaar” in order to maintain a grip on white voters who are embracing the new South Africa.

The accusations by DA’s John Steenhuizen that Honourable Mosiuoa Lekota have disbanded the so-called “Commando System” are disingenuous; dishonest and amounts to political thuggery.

His political immaturity, although shortsighted is both dangerous and irresponsible.

Steenhuizen, in his desperation to build a “laager mentality” around white voters, deliberately isolated Mr Lekota as being responsible for the disbandment of the Commando System.

The Constitution of South Africa, under Chapter 11; Clause 199(2) states that , “The Defence force is the only lawful military force in the Republic.”

The constitution, is the document which made the formation of any paramilitary force unlawful in South Africa and not Mr Lekota.

That’s why COPE is dismayed by DA’s tried and failed National Party tactics of misinformation and spread of fear.

The police allow civilians to become part of the reservists and any citizen who wants to participate in order to curb crime can join and become the reservist.

If the DA is really committed to the defence of the Constitution, they would encourage those individuals committed to fight crime, to join the SAPS as reservists than to use racist tactics of “Swaart gevaar” to garner votes by spreading fear and instability based on racial division.

COPE has always suspected that the DA hasn not yet had their Damascus experience, but we never thought that during this age and time would revert back to their racist ancestry.

We hope that all South Africans will continue to embrace the building of harmonious racial coexistence of all irrespective of race, religion, language, sexual orientation and political affiliation.

South Africa needs a fresh start ; tried and failed tactics of the National Party must be rejected even if they are recycled by the Democratic Alliance – END-

Issued by : Secretary of Communications | GP Premier Candidate | Dennis Bloem
(082) 451-5718


The Congress of the People (COPE)


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