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The Congress of the People and those gathered here demand the following from the Minister of Justice and Correctional Services:

Noting the following:

  1. The submissions at the Zondo Commission has exposed the whole Department to be lead by corrupt individuals from the Ministry to Senior Departmental officials.
  2. The officials of Department on the ground are working under difficult conditions and are expected to look the other way when they see corruption being committed.
  3. Whistle blowers are an endangered species in the department despite the President ‘s verbal commitment to fight corruption.
  4. Criminals are supposed to look after criminals.
  5. The Department’s budget is used to bribe Ministers; senior Departmental officials and ANC Senior leaders.


  1. Minister and Deputy Minister must resign with immediate effect.
  2. All Senior Officials mentioned at Zondo Commission as beneficiary of services and money from Bosasa should be made to resign and criminally charged.
  3. Workers for Correctional Services should be given proper and new uniform on annual basis.
  4. The Correctional Services officials must be paid weekend overtime.
  5. Pay progression and promotions of Correctional Services be reinstated with immediate effect.
  6. Correctional Services officials must be protected against prisoners and not be made prisoners of those they must keep incarcerated.
  7. Suspension of all Members of the Correctional Services who has been given suspension letters for exposing corruption and opening of criminal cases be lifted immediately.
  8. Correctional Services officials should not be forced to be members of GEMS Medical Scheme.
  9. Correctional services officials should be allowed to be Members of other unions other than POPCRU because POPCRU is a toothless lapdog union of the ANC government.
  10. Parole boards should operate independently from the Minister.
  11. The promotion of General Mkabela be reversed since he must have a Masters’ Degree but it is alleged that he only has Teachers’ Diploma.
  12. The appointment and rise within the ranks of Correctional Service by Leroy Vincent Smith, a convicted criminal be investigated and reversed.

The COPE expects a response within seven days or we will be left no choice but to open criminal charges against all those implicated.
Received on the 22nd March 2019 by ………………………………………………… on behalf of the Ministry of Justice and Correctional Services

Handed over by Dennis Bloem on behalf of the Congress of the People (COPE)

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