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While the ANC government spent millions of taxpayers money celebrating Human Rights Day, transporting people from different areas to its party venues, they forgot that there are millions of struggling South Africans who needed the money for better things. Communities are dying a slow death!

Yesterday, on Human Rights Day, the Congress of the People visited the community of Kliptown in Soweto. Families live in dilapidated houses and dusty shacks without proper doors.

The situation in Kliptown is bad. It can only be described as a place where human beings are left to die.

The frustrated and hopeless residents asked very serious questions about Human Rights Day:
“How can we celebrate when living in these horrible conditions?”, “ANC government wants us celebrates lack of sanitation facilities. We are using dirty mobile toilets and this posses dangerous health hazard.
Mountains of rubbish pile up our streets.”

Kliptown is a historic area. It played an important role in the History of our country and it’s documented in the Freedom Charter adopted in 1955. But looking at Kliptown is a total shame, it’s heartbreaking to see people living in such inhuman conditions.

It is where the historic document called the Freedom Charter was adopted in 1955, but its a total shame and disgrace to see how human being are subjected to inhumane living conditions after 25 years into Democracy.

Congress of the People says ANC government must take full responsibility for this unacceptable condition in Kliptown.

COPE believes the only way for people to come out of this horrible situation, is to use their power by voting the ANC out of power

COPE calls upon all South Africans voters to give the Party (COPE) a chance to lead this Country, you can trust us with your Vote on the 8th of May.

Issued by the Secretary of Communications | GP Premier Candidate | Dennis Bloem
(082) 451-5718

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