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Issued by : Mosioua Lekota
President Of The Congress Of The People (COPE)

Country before Party, Mr. President!

Today, as a nation, we face the gravest CRISIS to which we need to make hard political, economic and social choices.

Our Country cries out for brave and ethical leadership from its highest Office

As President of the Republic of South Africa, COPE would expect of Mr. Rampahosa’s to abide by his Oath of Office, namely: ‘to be faithful to the Republic; to promote all that will advance the Republic, and to oppose all that will harm it; and to devote himself to the well-being of the Republic and all its people’.

We would expect the President to put the interests of the Country and its People before those of his own and those of his Party.

In this regard we would expect the President to announce the impending arrest of former President Zuma; members of his Cabinet; current and former senior government officials; senior ANC politicians; and tenderpreneurs on charges of treason, corruption, state capture, and money laundering.

An ethical President would announce the immediate removal from Cabinet and government of all those who have been implicated in the continuous stream of shocking revelations of corruption and betrayal. Ethical conduct does not wait for an arrest or conviction!

If the President were to put the interests of the People first, he would announce plans to re-establish the Scorpions; to rid the criminal justice system (NPA, SAPS, and Hawks) of those who frustrate and collapse investigations into graft and corruption.

COPE would expect the President to remove those Cabinet members who preside over failing departments such as the Health, Basic and Higher Education, Labour, COGTA, Water and Sanitation, and our Economic sector ministries.

If the President had the interest of the Country at heart, he would announce bold steps to effect structural reforms to bolster economic growth and job creation, by amongst other means, reversing damaging policy choices; reducing policy uncertainty created by contestation for control of the ANC; creating a more flexible labour market; breaking Eskom’s monopoly, reducing electricity costs and stabilising and increasing our generation capacities; scrapping our current BEE policies that frustrate and choke growth and investment and rather concentrate on inclusive growth for transformation.

In essence, listening to the advice offered by those ‘imperialists’ countries wanting to foster FDI.

We would want of the President to stop the double-speak on the nationalisation of the Reserve Bank; and announce the scrapping of the proposed amendment of our Bill of Rights to allow for the arbitrary expropriation of land without compensation.

We would want the President to proclaim that ‘South Africa belongs to all who live in it, united in our diversity’; that he would condemn those that seek to break our social cohesion as a nation.

Alas, the Congress of the People is of the view that South Africans will be disappointed by the President’s State of the Nation address.

Today, South Africa urgently needs a FRESH START.

We need to return to the Constitution and the Rule of Law; jail the corrupt; create conditions for investment, industrialisation, inclusive economic growth and job creation; return to fiscal prudence; revamp our systems of education to skill our youth to be globally competitive; guard against the rise of populism and racism; foster nation-building and reconciliation; and rebuild the moral fabric of our society.

However, is clear to COPE that Ramaphosa is a weak and lame-duck President, unwilling and unable to take the bold and decisive political, economic and social decisions required to stabilise our Country and provide a platform for a revival of our prospects.

South Africans demand action. Ramaphosa cannot hide behind Commissions of Enquiry, Summits and Colloquialisms . He must man up, take a stand, take bold decisions and excise the rot, or step down.

Dancing with and holding hands with Zuma point to a President with no backbone and little, if any, morality. It points to self and party interest before that of the Country.!

The core problem, however, transcends Ramapahosa. The real problem is the ANC itself, caught in its own web of moral decay, mafia-like tendencies, and unsuitable greed and gluttony. It has lost its moral legitimacy to govern and can no longer be trusted to put South Africa first!

It is clear to COPE that South Africa needs a new centre – a fresh start.

The key lies with the electorate, voting the corrupt out and choosing good and trustworthy men and women who will put the interests of the Country and its People first.


Media Liaison (Parliament)
Roché Kester

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