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Congress of the People (COPE) demands urgent action to be taken by law enforcement authorities with regards to two specific matters whose revelations at the Zondo Commission have shocked the nation and shaken and undermined public confidence in our government and broader state institutions.

Both the Bosasa and Dudu Myeni state capture revelations have shown shocking and brazen criminality that borders not just on defeating the ends of justice but are clear acts of subversion. They were sophisticated and planned such that state institutions and the laws of the land were undermined at will with the arrogant collaboration and complicity of state officials in the higher echelons of government including the former President.

We believe that law enforcement authorities cannot continue to turn a blind eye or have a lacklustre approach towards such serious evidence that has emerged. They cannot defer until the conclusion of the Commission after two years while state coffers are being raided on a monthly basis by alleged criminals masquerading as state representatives and their co – plotters in private companies.

We demand the immediate arrest of Dudu Myeni and all other Bosasa linked conspirators on charges ranging from corruption to subversion. We demand that those illegal contracts concluded with the clear intention of corruptly benefiting politically connected cronies and politicians must be ended forthwith.

Failure to act urgently without fear or favour will amount to hammering the final nail into coffin of public confidence in law enforcement authorities and institutions of our democracy. It will be yet another betrayal of the trust of the people. Failure to act will leave us no option but to mobilise the broadest sections of society to rise up against the trampling of the values of our constitution by the Ramaphosa regime as well as to obtain a declaratory order from the courts of our land.


Issued by: Papi Kganare
General Secretary of Congress of the People (COPE)
073 282 6616



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