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By Cllr Farouk Cassim, COPE – Cape Town Metro.
084 470 2929
Twitter: @Faroukee

  1. Many of us, for a good part of our lives, were denied the vote and treated as second class citizens who had no say in the politics of the day and therefore had to be content with inferior education, limited economic opportunities and less desirable residential areas.
  2. Many brave South Africans sacrificed their freedom and or their lives to fight for the constitutional democracy we enjoy today and for this reason, we need to honour those who made all South Africans into first-class citizens with the right to choose our government and have a say in our politics.
  3. Many people are cynical about what is happening and in politics and are disgusted with all the revelations of state capture, corruption, nepotism and factionalism and while it is correct to condemn these things it is the patriotic duty of South African voters to use their votes to improve the situation rather than stand back and let things go from bad to worse.
  4. The young people of today have been left with a massive debt burden, presently R12 000 000 000 000 (trillion) that they will have to carry because of the recklessness of the present government and it is in their own best interest to take part in the election and to demand an immediate reduction in the size of the government so that the debt situation does not land us in the kind of crisis that has gripped Zimbabwe and Venezuela where the shelves are empty, salaries are not paid, hospitals are without medicines and the money is useless because it has no value whatsoever.
  5. Climate change is advancing rapidly and we as the people on the planet have a narrow window of about 12 years to start putting the brakes on it before the planet heats up to the point that the climate goes crazy and causes chaos to overtake the earth.
  6. The Fourth Industrial Revolution is here (artificial intelligence being a distinguishing feature) and South Africa has not yet properly stepped up to the Third Industrial Revolution (digital revolution) and it is in the interest of the youth to ensure they  don’t lag behind and remain jobless in a world where every industry will be disrupted: the biggest hotel chain today, ABnB does not own a single hotel, the largest transport company in the world, Uber does not own a single taxi and the largest supplier of news, Google, does not own a single media outlet.


Every one of us, as loyal and patriotic South Africans should recognise how fraught with danger and how full of opportunities the future is going to be depending on what proactive steps we take today. For the right decisions to be taken, South Africans must exercise their sacred right to vote.

To make certain that their vote is not wasted and not rendered useless, voters across the party political spectrum, (ANC, COPE, DA, EFF, FF, IFP, PAC, & UDM amongst others) should form a common cause body to scrutinise the actions of government and to apply consolidated pressure to keep the government honest, capable, agile and on track.

VukaVoter, on Facebook, explains how such an organisation representing all voters can work to achieve the best democratic government that South Africa has ever had. See:


Please share this post as widely as possible via Facebook, Whatsapp and other means. Let all the churches, mosques and temples on the one hand and all institutions of learning reach their congregants and students with the message to register and to highlight why this is so critical to our national wellbeing.

Play your part. Contribute to the nation’s welfare. END-

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