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COPE calls on President Cyril Ramaphosa to sign the Political Party Funding Bill into Law.

Now that it is known that South Africa will go to National elections sometime in May next year, COPE calls upon the President to sign the Political Party Funding Bill into Law now, so that it is effective before the elections.

Should he fail to do so South Africans will have no alternative but to conclude that the ANC has something to hide; that it may well be siphoning public funds; or accepting contributions from those doing business with the state; or accepting laundered funds from other compromised individuals or entities, to boost its election chest.

The Political Party Funding Bill was initiated to create party-political funding transparency and accountability; to curb corruption and the capture of government by private interests.

The public deserves to know from where, and from whom, parties are receiving their funding.

If we are to ever emerge from this era of state capture and rampant corruption this Bill must be enacted NOW.

To not do so will taint the elections; the incoming parliament and government; weaken the standing of, and belief in, our democracy; and create an environment for continued corruption and looting.

We urge the President to put the interests of South Africa first.


Statement by Chief Whip of Congress of the People (COPE), Deidre Carter.



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