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While Congress of the People welcomes the steps that are reportedly being taken by the Cabinet to place the whole North West province under section 100 (1) of the constitution, we believe that it is not enough to instil sufficient confidence. It comes too late and is clearly half hearted.

The runaway corruption and maladministration spearheaded by Supra Mahumapelo and his cronies have taken place over long period of time and are debilitating and endemic. Patronage and cronyism have become the mode of self-enrichment and survival among the politically connected and powerful factions.

The Auditor General has been releasing negative reports about the state of finances of both the provincial government and all municipalities every year, raising serious concerns and calling for action; these have fallen on the deaf ears of the national government. The Public Service Commission and the Public Protector have also reported on the dire state and poor administration and unprofessional conduct but these have also not been heeded by the national government. This national government has been sleeping on the job. The horses have bolted a long time ago.

By invoking Section 100 (1) only will not go far enough to resolve the crisis.

COPE calls for a full, swift and extensive consequence management without any further delay. We cannot allow the perpetrators of corruption to still stay in their positions and continue to earn fat cat salaries. Political Office bearers like Supra Mahumapelo, corrupt MEC’s and Mayors must be removed from power immediately. Public Servants like corrupt HOD’s and Municipal Managers must be suspended and swiftly taken through disciplinary processes and concluded quickly.

The culture of impunity has been left to set in and now there is a huge crisis. Nothing short of decisive and bold action and full accountability will instil confidence.

President Ramaphosa must be reminded that citizens’ confidence in the institutions of our democracy is being undermined by perceived lack of accountability.

Issued by the National Chairperson of the Congress of the People, Pakes Dikgetsi.

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Glacier Nkhwashu

Media, COPE National Office

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